SunBeahm Guitars, LLC provides exceptional musical training to children and adults. Students are achieving their highest musical goals through instructional mentorship, workshops, and creative environments. I am very knowledgeable in chord theory, scales, improvisation and overall playing technique covering several different genres of music. I have given lessons for more than 20 years to people of all ages. Why SunBeahm Guitars is the Best Choice:
- Focus On Teaching: I love to teach and specialize in providing the highest quality of music instruction.
- Private Lessons: You’ll receive one on one attention that will speed you towards meeting your musical goals. Students who take private lessons often improve more rapidly and develop confidence more quickly with individual instructions.
-All Ages: Instruction is available from 6 years of age to adults.


Builds & Repair

Passion, Perfection, & Attention to Detail
Those are three things I highly value and pour into each guitar I work on. These are all things you would want in a beautiful, handcrafted, custom built instrument specifically designed for you. I make sure your custom build or repair is exactly the way you want it and I accept nothing less than perfection with a great attention to every detail. Your complete satisfaction in look, quality and play-ability is what I desire for each instrument I build or repair.


Exceptional Quality on every custom build...

...made with caring love, from scratch!


Free consult on your custom build

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